langue fr BOSCH (FRANCE) SAS - 12/06/2024

Origify | From KNOW-HOW to WOW Podcast

Fake! Or is it? It's getting harder and harder to tell if something is real or not. This applies not only to images or facts, but also to physical goods such as consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, or luxury watches. Bosch engineer Louis Tepper is part of a team that has developed a solution: Origify is able to scan and recognize the surface of an item based on a simple smartphone image. Melena and Shuko test it. In the process, they learn a lot about the luxury and vintage watch industry. They meet a young Danish watchmaker, Rune Bakkendorff, who builds watches from scratch. Origify, it turns out, could not only help consumers identify counterfeit products, but also help experts authenticate spare parts or industry identify parts too small for serial numbers or QR codes. What time is it? Time to listen to this episode!

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